Zach Parker versus Vaughn Alexander breakdown

This is a good test for Zach Parker who is approaching a title shot in the Super Middleweight division. He’s 19-0 with 13 knockouts while Vaughn Alexander is 15-4 with 9 knockouts. Zach Parker has good boxing skills and throws a decent amount of punches. He can get caught at times but has shown aContinue reading “Zach Parker versus Vaughn Alexander breakdown”

Zach Parker versus Cesar Nunez breakdown

This is a bit of a tune up fight for Zach Parker who picked up a career best win versus Rohan Murdock in his last fight. Cesar Nunez has fared well domestically in Spain but when he’s left to fight rising prospects and contenders hes been stopped in relatively quick fashion. Zach Parker puts hisContinue reading “Zach Parker versus Cesar Nunez breakdown”