Daniel Jacobs versus Gabriel Rosado breakdown

While this fight is interesting because of the bad blood involved between the two I personally don’t see it being that competitive and the fact that its been put together at all frustrates me a little. Daniel Jacobs after competing in the middleweight division for years has decided to move up to super middleweight which is perfectly fine. What I think isn’t fine is then choosing to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr who hasn’t taken his career seriously for years and proceeded to quit in their fight to no ones surprise. I get that they chose Chavez Jr because hes a big name and makes for a big event but why after taking a fight like that do you decide to fight Rosado a guy who’s lost almost every big fight and is a middleweight moving up to Super Middleweight? It doesn’t help test how good a fighter he is at super middleweight or really prepare him to face any of the champions. I don’t think hes especially motivated to face any of the top guys anymore and I think if he loses another fight he’ll go into retirement as hes made plenty of money.

Jacob’s is a good fighter and does pretty much everything better than Rosado. The only things you can credit Rosado for is perhaps he has more dog in him as no matter how far down on the scorecards he is he’ll push forward and go for the win. Jacob’s certainly has heart but in a straight up battle of will I’d back Rosado.

Gabriel Rosado

I think Jacobs should be able to use his boxing skills and decent power to beat Rosado by decision or late stoppage. I think Rosado may be slightly on the slide and in boxing there are levels and Jacob’s is clearly a level or two above Rosado.


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