Emmanuel Tagoe versus Mason Menard breakdown

This should be a solid fight and a good test for Tagoe who is a promising contender in the lightweight division. Mason Menard has become a measuring stick for rising prospects in the division at this point though he always gives it everything.

Emmanuel Tagoe has good boxing skills even if they are slightly unorthadox in my opinion. He holds his left hand very low which lets him shoot his jab from almost his hip. He’s got decent timing and seems very defensively responsible. I think he has really good footwork and can cause a lot of the top guys problems with his movement.

Mason Menard is a come forward fighter who doesn’t do anything special really and when he steps up in competition he normally gets stopped at this point in his career. When he got KO’d by Teofimo Lopez I did question whether his punch resistance was gone but that could have just been Lopez having a lot of power.

Mason Menard

I think Tagoe should be able to use his footwork and general boxing skills to win a decision as I don’t think hes a huge puncher and his style doesn’t really lead to knockouts.


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