Mahammadrasul Majidov versus Sahret Delgado breakdown

This is a decent fight between two heavyweight prospects who aren’t yet known to the general public. Majidov has the bigger upside in my opinion because of his extensive amateur background and how hes looked as a pro so far. Sahret Delgado should get credit for taking this fight however in my opinion he holds little chance of winning.

Mahammadrasul Majidov had an extensive and successful amateur career where he holds wins over Anthony Joshua as well as a host of other top names. Hes very good technically and when opponents aren’t on his level he stops them quickly. He mostly boxes on the front foot where he applies educated pressure to his opponents until they crumble. He’s not been especially active in recent years as he retired from amateur boxing in 2017 but then returned to the sport last year as a pro after signing with Matchroom boxing.

Sahret Delgado was a decent amateur himself but never fought at the level that Majidov did. He’s not terrible technically though his fighting style is more akin to a come forward brawler than a technical boxer. He took a break of three years before coming back to boxing last year where he won a four round fight by decision. He came in 30 pounds heavier than normal for this fight so I don’t know how much training hes actually done. He’s young so he can bounce back if he does lose but he needs to get more disciplined in the future.

Sahret Delgado

I think Majidov will win by knockout in the first four rounds due to his superior technical skills combined with Delgado not being in shape for the fight.


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