Timur Sakulin versus Vadym Novopashyn breakdown

This should be a competitive fight between two fighters who don’t have a huge amount of experience as pro’s. Timur Sakulin is 9-0 but hasn’t faced stiff competition yet while Novopashyn is 6-1 but has faced the better opposition.

Timur Sakulin is an aggressive fighter who uses a lot of feints before jumping in with three or four punch combinations. He almost constantly bounces in and out of range using his lead foot though hes not perfect at doing this and there are times where he can get caught standing in range but not punching. His record makes it look like he has a lot of power but I personally think he doesn’t hit all that hard especially for a cruiser weight. Hes technically decent though could set his punches up more instead of jumping in where he can get easily countered by someone with good timing.

Vadym Novopashyn is a come forward brawler who doesn’t have a good defence and unfortunately doesn’t have the power to make up for it. He’s not particularly accurate but does throw a decent amount of punches. Not relevant to his fighting but he is certainly the oldest looking 32 year old I’ve ever seen.

Vadym Novopashyn

Timur Sakulin should win this fight by knockout late on because I think hes much better technically in both his punches and footwork. He also seems to have more behind his punches and looks to be the fresher fighter.


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