Ultimate Boxxer : Super Middleweight tournament breakdown

This should be a fun 4 man tournament between four domestic super middleweights in the UK. I personally wish we had more tournaments in boxing as they create good narratives and normally make good fighters fight each other which doesn’t happen often enough in normal boxing.

The first semi-final of the tournament is Zak Chelli versus Vladimir Georgiev. I think Zak Chelli should be a favorite in this fight as he has much more experience fighting at a higher level and has performed well at around British title level. Georgiev on the other hand arguably didn’t win his last fight versus Jan Ardon who while being a bit better than his record suggests is still a journeyman and levels below Chelli. My prediction for this one is that Zak Chelli very clearly wins.

The second semi-final is between Mike McGoldrick versus Harry Woods in what is a bit of a harder fight to call. I don’t think skill wise there is a lot between them and in these tournaments that doesn’t necessarily matter as much because of the three round sprint format. I’m predicting Harry Woods to win because hes the younger fight who should be more explosive and that matters a lot in these shoot out tournaments.

My prediction for the overall winner of this tournament is Zak Chelli due to him having more experience and showing he has decent power at a higher level than any of the others have fought at.


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