Georgi Chelokhsaev versus Yauheni Dauhaliavets breakdown

This should be a competitive fight between two rising contenders in the Super Lightweight division. Georgi Chelokhsaev has recovered well after an early setback and is only one or two fights away from breaking into the world scene. Yauheni Dauhaliavets turned pro this year after an extensive amateur career and has made short work of the journeymen hes faced so far.

Georgi Chelokhsaev has a decent jab though it doesn’t seem to have a lot of power behind it. I think hes quite wild and is willing to get into exchanges where both fighters forget about defence and just swing for the hills. He seems to have some power and has either hurt or knocked out a lot of his competition. I don’t think hes great technically and his defence isn’t good in my opinion especially when he goes on the offensive. He is a combination puncher and rarely throws single punches from what I’ve seen.

Yauheni Dauhaliavets was a very good amateur who had an aggressive come forward style even over three rounds. He has a good damaging jab when he chooses to use it though he doesn’t throw massive amounts of jabs. He’s not the biggest combination puncher and instead tries to land with power and accuracy which has led to him getting outworked sometimes. His footwork is solid though not as good as you’d expect from an amateur as good as him and that goes for his defence as well. I think he does everything better from a technical stand point than Chelokhsaev and does seem to have decent power himself.

Yauheni Dauhaliavets

I think this should be a fun war for five or six rounds before the more accurate punching of Dauhaliavets takes over and he gets the stoppage in round seven or eight. I think both will take a lot of punches in this fight as neither has great defence but Dauhaliavets has better technical skills and I expect his punches to land first the majority of the time which will lead to him winning.


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