Florian Marku versus Muma Mweemba breakdown

I think this should be a relatively easy tune up fight for Marku who is a rising prospect in the Welterweight division. Muma Mweemba is coming off a two year lay off into this fight and lost his last fight to a journeyman that he really shouldn’t have lost too if hes going to have a future in the sport.

Florian Marku is a former kick boxer who turned to boxing in recent years and has been relatively successful so far. He’s quite an aggressive fighter who has decent power. His technical skills aren’t terrible but its very clear from watching him that hes a former kick boxer as instead of slipping shots he just stands in front of his opponent in a high guard and waits for them to stop punching. He has a massive fan base and if he can get to a decent level in boxing he could sell out small arenas by himself because of how passionate the Albanian fan base is. I think he waits a bit too much and it sometimes looks like hes trying to have a competition with his opponent and show them that they can’t hurt him which in his case isn’t even fun to watch.

Muma Mweemba has a little power but not as much as Marku has and he’s only shown it versus inexperienced journeymen so far. He’s coming off a long lay off after he lost to Nathan Hardy who is a journeyman. He was dropped in that fight and thats not a good sign considering hes fighting a big puncher.

Muma Mweemba

I think Florian Marku should get the stoppage in rounds three or four because he is better offensively and carries a power advantage. He should also be less rusty as he fought last year while Mweemba hasn’t fought for over two years. I’d be a bit disappointed if he didn’t get the KO as this fight is set up for him to get it after almost a year out the ring.


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