Saleto Henderson versus Christian Gonzalez Hernandez breakdown

Saleto Henderson is one of the most under the radar prospects in American boxing right now in my opinion. He’s small even for a Light Flyweight which I think is where he plans to compete at as he moves up the levels in the professional game. Christian Hernandez is an experienced fighter who has only fought in Mexico but boasts a good record of 10-2 compared to Henderson’s 7-0.

Saleto Henderson has a good jab which he seems to set everything up behind. When he gets into range he fires off combinations which seem to have a focus on the body though he does still punch to the head. At this level of competition it appears he has fight stopping power though its yet to be seen if it will translate as he starts fighting better fighters. He uses a good amount of feints and brings the fight to his opponents which he needs to do because of his height.

Christian Hernandez unfortunately doesn’t have any footage online but from looking at his record he looks like a solid domestic operator in Mexico who is tough. He fought Maximino Flores (fighter who was supposed to fight Julio Cesar Martinez recently) on his debut and his only other loss is to an undefeated fighter who is now 8-0.

I expect Saleto Henderson to win this fight by decision though it may be harder than people expect. I am excited for Henderson’s next fight where he’ll face Ganigan Lopez the former WBC Flyweight champion.


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