Shu Utsuki versus Takayuki Sakai breakdown

This should be a competitive match up between two Japanese Lightweights. Shu Utsuki is a promising prospect who in his next few bouts will be looking at domestic titles while Utsuki is looking to bounce back and potentially push for titles himself.

Shu Utsuki is an exciting fighter who had a good amateur background before turning pro. He seems to have good power and obviously has good technical boxing skills. His defence is decent though he has been dropped before.

Takayuki Sakai is a come forward fighter that takes one to give one. Hes very tough and while his defence is limited to him standing still with his gloves up he does block a lot of punches with his gloves. He mostly throws hooks to the body and head while rarely jabbing or throwing straight shots. He seems to have good power and if he lands cleanly clearly hurts people.

Takayuki Sakai

I think Shu Utsuki should be able to win a decision due to his superior technical skills though I wouldn’t be overly surprised if Sakai manages to spring an upset by knocking Utsuki out or at least getting a knockdown or two.


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