Aleksei Evchenko versus Asinia Byfield breakdown

I really like the look of how competitive this fight is and credit needs to be given to whoever did the match making for this. Aleksei Evchenko is a fighter that wins some loses some but always gives it a go. Asinia Byfield has competed at domestic level in the UK and came up short at British level.

Aleksei Evchenko has decent technical boxing skills and throws clean combinations on the front foot. He is normally a come forward fighter that likes to take the center of the ring and not back down. He has decent power which might not show on his record but hes only fought good fighters so its harder to knock them out. He is 37 now but doesn’t look like he wants to slow down any time soon.

Asinia Byfield has lost at British level to Ted Cheeseman and was also out classed recently versus Ismail lliev on one of these KOld war cards. He has an awkward style and switches stances for no given reason. He normally fights on the back foot and moves around a lot. I don’t think hes ever fully got away from his amateur style as he doesn’t sit down on his punches enough. He doesn’t have much power though that may be more a reflection of his style rather than how much natural power he actually has.

Asinia Byfield

I think Aleksei Evchenko will win this fight by decision because of his come forward style which will impress the judges. I also think hes got more power and Byfield will spend too much time moving and not enough time punching to win the fight.


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