Charles Conwell versus Wendy Toussaint breakdown

This fight is between two solid prospects at 154 where the winner will progress and start to become a name while the loser will have to rebuild.

Charles Conwell had a good amateur career before turning pro and competed in the 2016 Olympics. He has a good defence that consists of head movement, slipping punches and catching punches on his gloves so its layered unlike many fighters defence. He’s a good combination puncher that has real spite in his punches especially when he throws them to the body. He’s one of the few modern day fighters that puts a real focus on body shots and I love too see it because I feel its a little bit of a lost art. While he will throw combinations solely to the body he’ll also often mix it up by going to the body then head in the same combination. He has a good jab which he uses to set a lot of his punches up with. I don’t think he has any major flaws in his skill set which is probably why a lot of people in boxing see him as a big time prospect who just hasn’t got the shine yet.

Wendy Toussaint is tall for a Super Welterweight and knows how to use that to his advantage. He throws a pawing jab before throwing a hard straight punch rather than using his jab as a weapon. Similar to Conwell he punches to the body often and with good results. He’s not quite the combination puncher Conwell is in my opinion as he throws a lot of single shots or two punches before resetting. I think he has a solid defence that mostly relies on his footwork and height.

Wendy Toussaint

This is a hard fight for me to predict as I think both are good prospects but I think Conwell will win this one on points because of his combination punching and superior head and upper body movement. I also think his focus on the body will slow Toussaint down late in the fight which will mean his height won’t be such as an advantage as his legs slow down.


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