Andrey Sirotkin versus Grant Dennis breakdown

This is a decent match up in the middleweight division between two fighters who desperately need a win for their careers. Andrey Sirotkin seemed like he was on his way to a title shot but came unstuck against the heavy hands of John Ryder. Grant Dennis has only mixed it at domestic level in the UK and has had a few losses there.

Grant Dennis is a decent fighter but leaves his chin up in the air a little too much for my liking. He doesn’t have much power and while he has decent technical boxing skills its nothing that Sirotkin wouldn’t have seen before. He keeps his hands low a lot but doesn’t have the reaction speed to pull off that style of fighting in my opinion.

Grant Dennis

Andrey Sirotkin like Grant Dennis is a decent fighter but will never make it to world level again in my opinion. His jab is good when he throws it and his combinations are relatively fluid when he throws them. He doesn’t really have any power and his reaction time doesn’t seem great. I don’t think his footwork or technical skills are anything to write home about but they might be slightly better than Dennis’s.

I think Sirotkin will win this fight by decision because hes slightly better technically and being a southpaw might make Dennis uncomfortable. He’s also the home fighter so in a close fight he will get the decision.


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