Mark Magsayo versus Rigoberto Hermosillo breakdown

This is a good fight and a nice test for Magsayo who is having his second fight in the USA. If he wins this fight he may challenge for a world title within one or two fights. For Hermosillo this is a great opportunity.

Mark Magsayo is a big puncher who seems very strong for the weight. Hes decent technically and isn’t afraid to get into a bit of a war. His defence isn’t bad but I wouldn’t say its great either. His competition hasn’t been great so far though there are a few capable opponents on his resume.

Rigoberto Hermosillo is generally a come forward fighter that has decent power. I wouldn’t describe him as your standard brawler as he does normally use his boxing to push forward. His defence isn’t great and hes been dropped by lesser punchers than Magsayo.

Rigoberto Hermosillo

I think Magsayo will win this fight by knockout and be the first person to stop Hermosillo because Hermosillo likes to come forward but has a lackluster defence which will play right into Magsayo’s hands or in this case fists.


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