Paul Kroll versus Lucas Santamaria breakdown

This is a really good fight between what I would call a blue chip prospect in Paul Kroll and a fighter who’s had to earn everything hes got in Lucas Santamaria.

Paul Kroll was a very good amateur and while hes had quite a slow start to his pro career it looks like hes ready to really get going now. His offence is beautiful to watch as he throws a variety of hard hitting combinations that seem to flow together seamlessly. He also has a good defence and employs the Philly shell a lot which is appropriate considering hes from Philadelphia.

Lucas Santamaria has had to come up the hard way in the pro ranks as most of his big fights hes been the B-side and was expected to lose. He throws a huge amount of punches and normally presses the action. His defence is solid but he isn’t hard to hit. Hes very tough and has a good gas tank as proved in his last fight.

Lucas Santamaria

I think this will be a breakout fight for Paul Kroll who’s superior amateur background will lead him to a KO victory in the second half of the fight.


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