Gabriel Flores Jr versus Ryan Kielczweski breakdown

This is a good step up fight for Flores Jr who’s looked like he could be a big star in the future. Flores fought recently in the Top Rank bubble and looks to make it 2 out of 2 there this Saturday. Ryan Kielczweski is coming off a win but throughout his career has narrowly lost to good prospects.

Gabriel Flores Jr is a good technical boxer who can sometimes be accused of playing it safe instead of going for the knockout. He doesn’t have much power though hes only 20 so that power could still develop later on. His defence is really solid and I don’t think it’ll be a problem in this fight.

Ryan Kielczweski isn’t as technically good as Flores Jr but has been a pro for much longer and knows a lot of the professional tricks which you only learn through experience. He doesn’t have that much power and is starting to come towards the end of his career in my opinion. He has a decent right hand and isn’t technically bad at all I just think Flores is a bit better. He mostly fights on the front foot or holds the center of the ring. I watched his fight with Frank De Alba recently and felt he was very unlucky to not get the decision in that fight.

Ryan Kielczweski

While this is a solid test for Gabriel Flores Jr I think he has the tools too see him through to a decision victory though he may struggle and lose a few rounds for the first time in his career.


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