Guido Vianello versus Kingsley Ibeh breakdown

This is a sort of step up fight for Vianello as Ibeh has fought a lot recently and shown hes got a lot of heart even if hes not the most skillful fighter.

Guido Vianello was a good amateur and is much better technicaly wise than Ibeh. He seems to have power though he hasn’t fought anyone great yet. His stamina and chin have held up perfectly so far in his pro career.

Kingsley Ibeh throws big punches and clearly has power though no where near the technical ability of Vianello. He also gets tired very quickly and that factor will be his biggest downfall in this fight.

Guido Vianello should win this fight by knockout in the 3rd or 4th round as while Ibeh is tough he just doesn’t have the stamina or skills to keep up with Vianello.


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