Alen Babic versus Niall Kennedy breakdown

This is a really good fight for Babic in only his 5th professional fight. Babic is moving quickly and has completely skipped the somewhat pointless fights versus no hopers for two years that most prospects go through. Niall Kennedy is a decent domestic level heavyweight but is coming to the end of his career and hasn’t fought for over a year.

Alen Babic just comes forward and swings wildly. There isn’t much else to say about him than that as he’ll either knock someone out in two or three rounds or slow down and probably lose a points decision.

Niall Kennedy likes to take the center of the ring and is horrible technically. He has been stopped by Devin Vargas and struggled versus other not so good heavyweights. I think like Babic he has struggled with stamina in the past but doesn’t really have the power of Babic.

Niall Kennedy

I think Babic should win this fight by KO in the third round as Kennedy is tough enough to last a while but won’t be able to deal with the pressure of Babic in the end.


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