Ohara Davies versus Tyrone McKenna breakdown

This fight is over 10 rounds and is the final of the 140 pound golden contract tournament that MTK have put on. Ohara Davies has had a relatively easy ride to the final while McKenna has struggled and arguably shouldn’t be in the final.

Ohara Davies has a lot of power but isn’t the best boxer. He’s not bad technically he just isn’t at the level of a lot of people in his division. The two times hes really stepped up he’s lost and in one of those losses he decided himself he’d had enough which is fine in my opinion but he was slated badly after the fight by many people. His chin is fine and when he’s motivated hes a good fighter.

Tyrone McKenna has run it close with a lot of fighters but has been on the right side of almost every close decision. I thought it was pretty obvious he lost to Mohammed Mimoune in his last fight and shouldn’t be in this final. He’s a decent boxer that normally likes to move a lot. He doesn’t really have much power and its nothing compared to Davies. He has a decent chin but nothing special and can be dropped.

Tyrone McKenna

If Ohara Davies turns up motivated I think he wins because hes got more power and McKenna isn’t as hard to hit as people make out. It would also be justice for Mimoune who should have been in the final after getting blatantly robbed.


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