Manny Pacquiao versus Conor McGregor is a spectacle we don’t need to see.

Unlike the Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather rumors it looks like this fight will happen at some point next year. It is similar to Paul versus Mayweather however because it also features a gross mismatch that no one needs to see.

We’ve seen the spectacle of a great boxer versus a great MMA fighter in a boxing ring and we now know without doubt what happens. The MMA guy gets embarrassed and then after the fight everyone questions why they paid for it and why they were interested in it in the first place. Floyd Mayweather came out of retirement and fought completely differently to how he normally does and still beat the shit out of McGregor.

Pacquiao won’t be as nice as Floyd and carry him til the 10th round. I think it likely ends in a early KO for Pac and I think at this point most people think the same. In the Mayweather-McGregor there was at least a large group of people that thought that McGregor had a chance because of “MMA angles” and “Mayweather’s never fought someone with power like McGregor”. No one that understood boxing believed this but McGregor was so popular at the time that the fight at least made sense as a spectacle too see the best MMA fighter versus the best boxer.

Now that we’ve seen it once we don’t need to see it again because we know what the result will be. Not only that but McGregor has lost all of his momentum and isn’t even active in his own sport. It’s nothing more than a cash grab from both of them and as fans I don’t think we should support blatant cash grabs that exploit us.


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