Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather Jr was never going to happen

In the last two weeks there have been rumors of a possible boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The youtube stars boxing each other was a little distasteful because they were actually sanctioned professionals and not just doing white collar boxing. If Mayweather versus Logan happened I think it would be the final nail in the coffin for people taking boxing seriously because its such a ridiculous match up.

A fight between one of the best fighters of the last 20 years and a novice who lost his only boxing match is probably the biggest mismatch in the sports history. If it did actually happen I think it would be a disgrace but i’m very confident it won’t happen.

The first reason it won’t happen is because there is a massive weight difference and no athletic commission would ever sanction the bout. The second reason it wouldn’t happen is the money doesn’t make sense, who’s going to pay too see Floyd versus some random youtuber? Not anybody in boxing or anyone thats good at business.

The second reason it won’t happen is because the rumor was started by @Keemstar on twitter who is notorious for making up drama and lies to get views on his youtube channel. He is supposed to be a news outlet for the drama that online influencers get into but mostly makes things up at this point because for long periods of time nothing interesting happens.

The most interesting thing about this whole situation is that off of one lie on twitter a huge amount of people (including me now) have made content and money on a situation that was never going to happen. When someone becomes big enough to make the news themselves then they are never going to run out of content or money. It also shows how good Floyd was at marketing himself as people are still talking about him now and when people think boxing they think of Floyd “Money” Mayweather.


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