Liam Conroy versus Serge Michel breakdown

This is a really solid fight that should be close to a 50/50. Conroy has had mixed results recently but did go on a good run of form before losing to mega prospect Joshua Buatsi. Serge Michel followed the standard route of a rising prospect before being derailed by hard hitting gatekeeper Ryan Ford.

Liam Conroy isn’t a hugely active fighter and doesn’t throw much in combination. His jab isn’t hard to counter in my opinion and he doesn’t use it a whole lot. He clearly has some power though it hasn’t really translated past domestic level yet. His defence isn’t great and he won’t be making many people miss consistently. He does throw decent punches to the body and is clearly very motivated for this fight.

Serge Michel had a good amateur career and competed internationally as an amateur. He has decent power himself as showed in his last fight where he dropped his opponent twice. He throws in combination a lot and is quite active. He may have stamina issues as he was KO’d by Ryan Ford after slowing down a bit and also slowed down in his most recent fight where it looked like he would get the KO.

Serge Michel

I’m going to back Serge Michel to win this fight on points due to his superior amateur background and the fact he throws in volume which I think the judges will like.


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