Daniel Jacobs and Gabriel Rosado agree terms to fight.

Jacobs and Rosado have reportedly agreed terms to fight November 27 at a currently unknown location. Jacobs is having his second fight at Super Middleweight after campaigning at middleweight for years. This is also Rosado’s second fight at middleweight however hes not actively trying to fight in that division hes just moving up for a big fight.

I’m just going to be truthful and call this fight what it is, terrible its a horrific fight that no one asked for and no one wanted. Matching up a former world champion who pushed Canelo and GGG close with Rosado who loses all his big fights (and not so big ones) is absurd. The reasoning for this fight is that the two have some sort of issue with each other which i’m sure will be heavily referenced in the build up before being forgot about post fight as they celebrate together because of the money they made each other. The majority of bad blood in boxing isn’t serious and in many cases isn’t real and I think this is one of the two.

Gabriel Rosado

While i’m not surprised this fight was made I am disappointed and hope that Jacobs next fight is better if he makes it through this one. A big shout out has to go to Rosado who has managed to get himself another good pay day despite losing constantly. He does always give it his all so hopefully the fight is somewhat competitive.


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