John Riel Casimero versus Duke Micah breakdown

This is a decent first defence for Casimero after his upset win over Zolani Tete last year. Duke Micah is getting his big opportunity and will be looking to show hes more than just a contender with a nice record.

John Riel Casimero fights are hard to predict because a lot of it depends on what version of him turns up. When he’s focused he has results like KO’ing Tete but when hes not on he loses to fighters such as Jonas Sultan. I think he’ll likely fight this fight like he did the Tete fight and stay on the outside before jumping in with an overhand right or a 1-2. He’ll switch it up after a few rounds and throw a right uppercut or just a hook and try to catch Micah like he did Tete. I’d say his defence and stamina are solid. I’m not going too deep into a technical analysis of him because a completely different fighter can turn up if hes not motivated.

Duke Micah normally keeps a relatively high guard and throws hooks after walking into range. He’s willing to exchange and does this often rather than just staying on the outside and jabbing. He isn’t that hard to hit and goes back in straight lines a decent amount. He clearly has some power and is a decent combination puncher. He has a decent jab which he sometimes works behind but he’ll often abandon it and just trade with his opponents with hooks to the body and head. I’ll say he does mix his work up well and doesn’t head hunt. When he’s stepped up in competition he has struggled a bit more and his power hasn’t seem to carried up to a higher level.

Duke Micah

I think if a motivated Casimero turns up he’ll probably win by KO because Micah pulls back in straight lines and isn’t too hard to hit. Casimero is a decent puncher and with Micah being willing to exchange I don’t think Casimero will struggle to get his punches off and break Micah down. This fight could be an entertaining war until Casimero’s power starts to show and Micah gets broken down. If Micah has improved he could make it close or beat Casimero if he turns up unmotivated.


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