Luis Nery versus Aaron Alameda breakdown

This is a 12 round fight for the vacant WBC 122 pound world title. Rey Vargas held the title until recently but because he broke his leg he has been named champion in recess and these two fighters get to fight for the title.

Luis Nery has been a world champion at Bantamweight before but failed a drug test and then missed weight in his rematch with Shinsuke Yamanaka which led to him getting banned from boxing in Japan. He failed weight one more time recently and has now moved up in weight to Super Bantamweight.

He’s a really good combination puncher who once he gets going doesn’t stop. I think he digs his hooks into the body well and seems to be very heavy handed. He uses his jab quite a lot considering he is such a power puncher. He has good reactions and is a good finisher when he gets people hurt. He has a mean streak about him which I think all top boxers need to be very successful. His defence is ok but it mostly consists of him catching punches on his gloves and keeping a high guard up when his opponents are punching.

Aaron Alameda can counter decently off the back foot but I wouldn’t say hes world class at it. His hands aren’t that fast and I don’t think he has a huge amount of power. His defence isn’t great and he takes too many punches when he doesn’t need too. He really loads up on his hooks to the body and seems to have quite a focus on it. He sits on the ropes too much when under pressure and has struggled with boxers who aren’t on Nery’s level at all. He’s best described as a boxer-puncher but he doesn’t have a huge amount of power.

Aaron Alameda

I think Nery wins by stoppage within 6 rounds as Alameda takes too many clean shots and sits on the ropes a lot when hes under pressure. Those two things versus a heavy handed combination puncher will lead to Alameda being stopped and being stopped comfortably by Nery.

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