Josh Taylor versus Apinun Khongsong breakdown

This might be a better fight than a lot of people are expecting because Khongsong isn’t a bad fighter even if very few people have heard of him. Josh Taylor is one of the best boxers on the planet right now and will be hoping to continue his impressive run here.

Josh Taylor can really do it all but is the best at fighting on the inside where he really excels. He has good combinations and a great chin which he showed in his fight with Regis Prograis. He has good stamina and power though its not necessarily through single shots its more due to a variety of combinations on the inside. His biggest flaw is that hes not that hard to hit and is willing to get into wars where he takes more punches than necessary.

Apinun Khongsong isn’t good at fighting on the inside and isn’t much of a combination puncher in my opinion. He throws a lot of straight shots and single hooks. His biggest asset is his power which seems to be real and if he lands clean on anyone i’m confident he’ll knock them down at the least. I don’t know how good his chin or stamina is but I presume both are decent.

Apinun Khongsong

I think Josh Taylor should win this fight by stoppage by the 9th or 10th round because he is so much better on the inside and beyond one punch power I really don’t think Khongsong does anything better than Taylor. Khongsong also doesn’t have much experience at the top level while all Josh Taylor’s done in the last two years is fight the best fighters at 140 pounds.


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