Tugstsogt Nyambayar versus Cobia Breedy breakdown

I’m excited for this fight because the winner will likely fight for the vacant WBC Featherweight title as Gary Russell Jr seems intent on moving up a division.

King Tug as hes commonly known was a very good amateur who has progressed quickly in the pro’s. He’s powerful, got good boxing skills and a solid defence though he isn’t what I would describe as slick. He also has a lot more experience at the highest level than Breedy who is taking his first real test here.

Cobia Breedy is a solid fighter who is taking this fight on relatively short notice. He hasn’t got a huge amount of power and hes quite small for the weight which will put him at a big disadvantage vs King Tug. He’s struggled with domestic opponents and this is a massive step up in competition for him.

Without getting to deep into this breakdown i’m just going to go with King Tug by stoppage because of the gulf in experience.


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