8 Potential opponents for Zhang Zhilei in November

These are the 8 opponents that Zhang could potentially fight in November. I’ve tried to stick to ones that wouldn’t be a huge threat and also wouldn’t find it hard to get to the fight in America.

The first opponent is Joey Dawejko who is a journeyman from America who has fought a variety of top names. He’s not very tall and isn’t very fast so Zhang would be able to pick him off over 10 rounds and pick up a decision win. Dawejko would be one of the better opponents because your guaranteed to get some rounds out of him but its also quite unlikely he upsets the apple cart.

Joey Dawejko

The next opponent I thought of is Devin Vargas who plays much the same role as Joey Dawejko. He’s actually coming off a decent win right now which justifies fighting him a bit more. He normally loses by KO but those KO losses have been to some significant fighters such as Andy Ruiz Jr. I think Vargas will be likely be the opponent because he’ll try but will probably get knocked out and make Zhang look good. He was supposed to fight Oscar Rivas earlier this year but I can’t imagine the contract is still in place after all these months.

Devin Vargas

The third opponent that could potentially fight Zhang is Carlos Negron who is 21-3. Negron has a lot of power but also doesn’t have a great chin which is often the case for power punchers. He was supposed to be fighting on a PBC show recently so he may stay loyal to them and fight some of their heavyweights. I think he would make a solid test and really show Matchroom what they have with Zhang.

Carlos Negron

The next opponent is Brian Howard who beat Carlos Negron in a big upset last year. He’s fought all the way down at Light Heavyweight and isn’t a big heavyweight so their would be limited risk to Zhang but he would still be fighting someone with a decent record who would be coming to win.

Brian Howard

The 5th opponent that I thought of is Chazz Witherspoon. He fought Usyk when Usyk was making his heavyweight debut last year and performed better than expected so Matchroom may give him another shot as a thank you for taking a short notice fight last time out.

Chazz Witherspoon

The sixth opponent I thought of is Bogdan Dinu who is a heavyweight from Romania. Dinu has fought on a matchroom card before and recently fought Kubrat Pulev who is going to fight Anthony Joshua soon. While hes only a name because of who he’s lost to that really fits the bill for this fight as Matchroom need an opponent who will lose after trying for a few rounds.

Bogdan Dinu

The seventh opponent I think could potentially fight Zhang is Jerry Forrest. He recently fought Carlos Takam and while he lost he showed he can give competitive rounds to top level guys and that makes him a perfect fit for this fight. He did fail a drug test though I think their will be a hearing soon to determine whether it was accidental or not.

Jerry Forrest

The final opponent I could think of for Zhang is Iago Kiladze. He’s fought top prospects for the last 3 years and while hes come up short in all of them he always go’s for it and it would guarantee an entertaining fight. He recently lost to Efe Ajagba but he did knock him down so showed he can still be competitive with prospects.

Iago Kiladze

These are a few opponents that I think would test Zhang slightly and give him some rounds but would be unlikely to beat him. I’m sure Matchroom will pick someone that no one but them has heard of though.


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