Jose Pedraza versus Javier Molina breakdown

This is a really solid fight between two top 140 pounders with the winner getting close to a title shot.

Jose Pedraza is a solid boxer but has been losing the biggest fights of his career. I don’t think hes looked great at 140 pounds and has lost to Jose Zepeda who while being a good fighter isn’t what I would call elite which is what I would call the other fighters Pedraza has lost too. I could go on about how he is a skilled boxer (he is) with decent power but it really comes down to I don’t think hes the same fighter at 140 pounds as he has been during his career.

Javier Molina isn’t better technically than Pedraza and doesn’t have more power but he has the momentum. He is also much more of a natural 140 pounder than Pedraza. Hes also much more hungrier than Pedraza as he hasn’t yet won a world title and needs the money more.

I know this isn’t the most technical breakdown but sometimes with boxing you just have to go with the momentum and how the narrative of the fight looks.


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