Jesus Alejandro Ramos versus Javier Molina breakdown

This is a good step up fight for Ramos who might be one of the best prospects in the sport in my opinion. He’s a 5,10 southpaw who campaigns at welterweight and has 14 knockouts out of 15 wins. Javier Molina isn’t a bad fighter and has a few good wins but has generally lostContinue reading “Jesus Alejandro Ramos versus Javier Molina breakdown”

Jose Pedraza versus Javier Molina breakdown

This is a really solid fight between two top 140 pounders with the winner getting close to a title shot. Jose Pedraza is a solid boxer but has been losing the biggest fights of his career. I don’t think hes looked great at 140 pounds and has lost to Jose Zepeda who while being aContinue reading “Jose Pedraza versus Javier Molina breakdown”