Sergio Martinez versus Jose Miguel Fandino breakdown.

This is a 10 round fight between former world champion Sergio Martinez and Jose Miguel Fandino who is a domestic level fighter in Spain. This is the first fight that Martinez has had since his one sided loss to Miguel Cotto six years ago where he looked terrible. Fandino is coming off the best win of his career when he knocked out Sergio Fernandez after losing to Fernandez on a split decision early in 2019.

Sergio Martinez was an elite fighter in his day but even six years ago you could tell he was past his best. His knee’s effectively didn’t work anymore and I don’t see why they would be much better now. I’m not going to go too much into his skill set as we don’t know how it will look now that he’s coming back off such a long lay off. He is a southpaw however and I think that will help him in this fight.

Jose Miguel Fandino getting knocked out

Jose Miguel Fandino is an average domestic fighter in Spain who’s had mixed results versus mostly other domestic fighters. He has fought a notable name in Esquiva Falcao where he was stopped in seven rounds. He isn’t very good defensively and is without being mean open to every punch that’s ever been invented. I think he’s especially open to left hooks as he keeps his right hand very low. I think he lacks a good jab though he does try and throw one it just doesn’t land very often. He’s not hugely active in the early rounds but starts to ramp up the activity as the fight goes on. He sometimes over extends when he tries to lunge in with one or two punches. When he does lunge in he’ll normally throw one to the body and one to the head, I think he punches well to the body and has decent uppercuts when he gets on the inside. Sometimes his hooks are too wide but this is mostly when hes lunging in otherwise his hooks aren’t overly wide.

Jose Miguel Fandino

I think even a past his best Sergio Martinez will beat Jose Miguel Fandino as Fandino has a terrible defense. He’s especially open to the left hook and that plays perfectly into Martinez’s hands because he’s a southpaw and has a great left hand. I’d be very surprised if Martinez doesn’t win by stoppage and if he fails to do so I’d like too see him go back to retirement whether he wins or loses. I hope that this fight is just about Martinez wanting to end his career on a win and he doesn’t think he can win another world title as going down that route won’t end well for him.

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