Vladimir Shishkin versus Oscar Riojas breakdown

Shishkin is one of the better prospects in the Super Middleweight division and will be looking to get his ring rust off here as this is a tune up bout. Oscar Riojas is a journeyman who normally gives people rounds and has fought a lot of the top up and comers in the Super Middleweight division.

Shishkin is very powerful and clearly wants to hurt his opponents at all times. He also has good technical skills and is capable of winning a fight by decision if he can’t get the knockout. He’s a decent sized S-Middle though not one of the absolute monsters of the division like David Benavidez or Callum Smith. I think he’ll likely settle into being a top 15 guy but I would be shocked if he ever won a world title.

Oscar Riojas is a tough journeyman who normally goes the distance with top prospects. He has some name value just due to the people he has fought but only Hardcore fans will know him and thus compare Shishkin’s performance to other fighters that have fought Riojas. He really doesn’t do anything on Shishkin’s level and beyond being tough isn’t a great fighter at this point in his career.

I expect Shishkin to stop him as this is 10 rounds and his power should start to break cracks in Riojas by the 5th or 6th round. Shishkin does everything better than Riojas and this is nothing but a tune up bout. I hope to see Shishkin in with an opponent who’s ranked in the top 15 next as there’s no point in him fighting people everyone knows hes going to beat.

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