Saul Juarez versus Axel Aragon Vega

This should be a good competitive fight which will show people whether Vega will be able to compete at Light Fly with the same success he had at minimum weight. For Saul Juarez this gives him another chance to spring himself closer to a title shot after recently suffering back to back defeats.

Saul Juarez isn’t a bad fighter but he’s not quite good enough to beat top contenders or be competitive with world champions. He is extremely tough which honestly is his best asset. I don’t think he has fast hands for the division and lacks the foot work that most of the champions and contenders have in his weight classes. At this stage in his career he’s become a gatekeeper and if you want a title shot at Light Flyweight then beating him is a good start.

Axel Aragon Vega normally fights at minimum weight but is moving up in this fight though I don’t know if the move is permanent or not. From the limited footage I could find he mostly fights off the back foot and jumps in with overhand rights or just right hooks. He always seems to throw in combination once he gets on the inside and I like how short his hooks are when he gets in close. He has nice uppercuts and a decent jab to the body but he doesn’t throw it very often and beyond that seems to lack a jab. His hands are high and he keeps a tight guard while circling the ring which shows he’s defensively sound. He’s only 20 as well and has had a lot of experience already including a world title shot where he arguably should have won the fight.

I think this will be a harder fight for Axel Aragon Vega than people think and it wouldn’t surprise me if he lost. I do think he’ll do enough to win however as he did show in his last fight that he’s capable of being a world class fighter and most world class fighters beat Saul Juarez.

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