Hiroto Kyoguchi versus Axel Aragon Vega breakdown

This isn’t a bad fight but its one that Kyoguchi should win comfortably. Hiroto Kyoguchi is arguably the best fighter at Light Flyweight and has put together a nice run of form between two divisions while Vega is undersized for the weight class though is world level at the weight below. I think Hiroto KyoguchiContinue reading “Hiroto Kyoguchi versus Axel Aragon Vega breakdown”

Saul Juarez versus Axel Aragon Vega

This should be a good competitive fight which will show people whether Vega will be able to compete at Light Fly with the same success he had at minimum weight. For Saul Juarez this gives him another chance to spring himself closer to a title shot after recently suffering back to back defeats. Saul JuarezContinue reading “Saul Juarez versus Axel Aragon Vega”