Carl Frampton versus Darren Traynor breakdown

This is a tune up fight for Frampton before he goes on to fight Jamel Herring later this year. There’s not a huge amount to break down in this fight as Frampton is the better fighter in almost every aspect.

Carl Frampton is a two weight world champion who has recently been struggling with injuries. He seems to be fully recovered however so this shouldn’t be a problem. I think he goes to the body well and he showed this in his last fight where he dropped his opponent twice with body shots.

Darren Traynor is a solid domestic fighter but has barely proved himself beyond area level and the two times hes stepped up to British level he’s been stopped. He’s also only had one fight in the last two years and may be past his prime at this point. The only thing he has on Frampton is he’s a bit bigger but I don’t think it’s a huge difference.

I think Frampton should be able to win this by stoppage as Traynor has been stopped by fighters that aren’t anywhere near as good as Frampton is. Hopefully we see the Jamel Herring fight after this.

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