Michael Conlan versus Sofiane Takoucht breakdown.

On paper this should be a step up opponent for Conlan because Takoucht just fought for a world title but the reality is that Takoucht just isn’t very good. Josh Warrington who isn’t a massive puncher destroyed him in two rounds which is saying something.

Conlan has very good technical skills and a very good amateur background. He’s not the most exciting fighter to watch but he gets the job done in his fights comfortably and hasn’t really done anything wrong in his pro career yet. I think he lacks power but an accumulation of punches or an accurate body shot could can get him the knockout against opponents.

Sofiane Takoucht has lost pretty much every major step up fight and lacks power himself. I don’t think he has great foot work or a particularly solid chin and his defence isn’t great either. He obviously has some skills but he’s going to be so much slower than Conlan I don’t see him being able to do all that much.

I think Conlan wins this fight comfortably and likely by stoppage in the 7th or 8th round after breaking Takoucht down.

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