Archie Sharp versus Jeff Ofori breakdown.

This is a very interesting fight because Archie Sharp is a natural Super Featherweight while Jeff Ofori has competed at a good level all the way up at Super Lightweight. Archie Sharp is a big Super Featherweight however and will actually be the taller man in the ring. Both men came in over the 130 pound limit with Sharp weighing a little more than Ofori and so I presume this was agreed as a catch weight fight beforehand.

Jeff Ofori has a good chin and always gives it his all whether he’s the home or away fighter. He fights in bursts where he’ll be aggressive and land 3 or 4 punches and keep up this aggression for half a round or even a round but will then taper off. When he’s not being aggressive he moves around the ring or sometimes stands just out of range of his opponent and you can tell he’s taking time off so he doesn’t punch himself out. This does lead to his opponents being able to steal rounds away from him however especially ones where he does well early but does nothing in the second half of the round which is the part judges remember the most. I thought he performed well up at 140 pounds but did show he isn’t hard to hit and I don’t think his foot work is Great either. I think he punches a bit harder than his record suggests as he keeps people from rushing him but I don’t think he has much chance of KO’ing the top domestic guys whatever division he fights in. He is mostly a combination puncher who takes one to give one though I think this is due to his lacklustre defence rather than by design.

Archie Sharp is a very technically skilled fighter who normally uses his height advantage to full effect. I think he has a good jab and accurate body shots Which have put fighters like Jordan McCorry down. I think he has better foot work than Ofori but I don’t think his defence is levels and levels above Ofori’s though without a crowd it will be interesting too see if he boxes a bit more smartly. He can be drawn into a bit of a brawl and I don’t think this suits him as he’s more of a boxer puncher. He does have a decent amount of power and if he connects cleanly has a good chance of either knocking down or knocking out his opponents. He’s not that far off a world title fight so should be very focused in this fight as one slip up will put him back a few years.

I think Archie Sharp will win this fight by knockout in the 9th or 10th round due to him being more accurate and powerful than Ofori who I think will also struggle with the speed of Sharp. Ofori also lacks a solid defence and while he did go Toe to toe with Ohara Davies this didn’t end well for him as Davies power eventually shone through.

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