Troy Williamson versus Harry Scarff breakdown.

Troy Williamson is one of the most underrated Super Welterweights in the UK right now. This is a good step up opponent for him as Scarff has boxed Anthony Fowler and went the distance with him.

Harry Scarff tried to box off the back foot in the Fowler fight and had very limited success. He tried to time Fowler with a few shots but honestly after a bit I felt he knew he was losing and just tried to survive by circling the ring. Fowler did eventually drop him in the 9th but apart from that Scarff showed a good chin. He does seem to have decent foot work as he was able to avoid Fowler for most of the fight.

Troy Williamson is a come forward fighter that really goes for the knockout. I’ve been live at one of his fights before and you can see he has a lot of physical strength and power. His shots seem very clubbing and while they might not go down off the first shot they’ll eventually get broken down because of the weight behind the punches. He’s not a defensive wizard but you have to work to hit him and he doesn’t leave his chin in the air. He goes to the body well and this seems to sap the energy out of his opponents and has led to him stopping journeymen that almost never get stopped.

I expect Troy Williamson to win this fight by late stoppage as Scarff is a late replacement who may struggle with stamina in the latter part of the fight. I think stylistically Williamson will be able to stalk Scarff down and slow him with body shots until he gets a stoppage in the 7th or 8th round when Scarff is exhausted and folds under the pressure.

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