Shannon Courtenay versus Rachel Ball breakdown

This should be a very competitive fight and really is the perfect fight for both. Courtenay hasn’t really fought anyone yet and needs a major step up fight and Rachel Ball is a good fighter who could really progress her career if she wins live on Sky Sports.

Courtenay normally boxes on the front foot when her opponents arn’t great and stalks them down while throwing a variety of shots to the body and head. I don’t think she jabs enough and her defence isn’t great as shown in the Jasmina Nad fight where Nad was landing at will. I think she is stuck between styles as sometimes she’ll come forward winging in shots like a Brawler and other times she’ll try to bounce around with her hands low like Josh Kelly does and this makes sense as she’s trained by Adam Booth who also trains Josh Kelly. I don’t think she fights well when put under consistent pressure and this was shown in the Nad fight where she was pushed back and was lucky to get the win and not a draw.

Rachel Ball is tall for the weight and has good technical skills after coming from a kick boxing background. She has a good jab which seems to have some power on it as opponents have to reset and think twice before lunging in. She also has a nice 1’2 and hooks when her opponents get into range. She’s decently defensively and has much better foot work than anyone Courtenay has faced. Ball has also faced a good level of competition and arguably should have beat Katharina Thanderz who is one of the best in the division.

I think Rachel Ball should win a decision here because I think she’s the more experienced fighter who also has a better jab and the height advantage. I think she’s a better technical boxer than Courtenay and is used to going longer into fights. I would be very surprised if she got the decision however as she’s not the home fighter and with her likely boxing on the back foot it gives the judges an excuse to score against her without getting called out for corruption.

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