Ryo Sagawa versus Yuri Takemoto breakdown

Ryo Sagawa has come back from an early set back and now looks to be one of Japan’s best prospect’s. I think with the right fights he’s only 3 or 4 fights away from a world title shot. Takemoto has also come back from early setbacks but hasn’t faced the level of competition that Sagawa has.

Sagawa has a good jab which he throws relatively often and it seems to have some force behind it rather than it being a pawing jab to keep opponents off of him. I think he has a really good straight right hand which seems very accurate and also seems to have some decent power behind it. He’s not a massive combination puncher and will often throw lead hooks instead of putting them behind a jab. I think his hooks can be a bit wide sometimes though it does seem to suit his style of boxing. I also think his defence is good especially for the level he’s fighting at and I think Takemoto will struggle to land on him.

Yuri Takemoto isn’t a bad fighter but I don’t really think he does anything better than Sagawa. He’s struggled against lesser opposition than Sagawa and while he’s been improving I think this fight is a little too early for him. Sagawa is getting close to fringe world level while Takemoto is definitely still a domestic fighter. He is a southpaw which could trouble Sagawa a little bit as there arn’t a lot of southpaws around so boxers arn’t used to fighting them. I think he does possess some power so if he can catch Sagawa clean he could stop him as we know Sagawa has been stopped before though that was a long time ago.

I think Ryo Sagawa will win this fight by decision as I think he’s the more refined and experienced fighter. The only reason I don’t think he’ll stop Takemoto is because I expect Takemoto to perform better in this fight than previous fights and Sagawa isn’t a massive puncher.

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