Sahir Iqbal versus Maredudd Thomas breakdown.

This is the most competitive fight on the MTK card on Wednesday night. Both fighters are undefeated with Iqbal being 7-0 and Maredudd being 11-0.

Iqbal has a decent jab and works to the body and head well. He seems quite tall for the weight and usually uses his height to his advantage. Due to him only fighting Journeymen so far its hard to break down how he’ll fight when someone is actually trying to win. The closest we’ve seen to that is him fighting Serge Ambomo who really pushed him and was landing heavy shots especially late in the fight. Hopefully Iqbal has improved from that fight as he looked good early on but got tired and started to get hit a lot for someone with his amateur background.

Maredudd Thomas has a nice jab which he uses often and so his opponents struggle to get their punches off as they constantly have to reset. He throws nice combinations though doesn’t throw to the body all that often. He seems to be physically strong and walks his opponents down behind a strong jab. He also seems to have solid defence as his hands are always high and he doesn’t stay in range unless he’s throwing punches himself which gives his opponents less chance to hit him. He seems to have decent stamina though he’s only gone 6 rounds so far so he hasn’t been tested that much.

I think Maredudd Thomas will win because he’ll be pressing the action and has the better defence of the two. I think his jab is also better and he should be able to establish it after 3 or 4 rounds when Iqbal slows down. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Thomas wins this fight by stoppage however if Iqbal has improved his defence from his last fight then I think Thomas wins by competitive decision.

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