Felix Cash versus Jason Welborn breakdown

This should be a fun fight and also a good test for Felix Cash too see if he’s ready to move on to European level or not. Jason Welborn needs to win this fight if he’s going to be anything but a gatekeeper at this point in his career. I’m not going to break down this fight as to who has the better jab etc because I don’t necessarily think those factors will matter too much in this fight as I expect a bit of a slug fest. Both are known for being in good fights and with this being one of Welborn’s last chances at a title I expect him to really go for it.

Felix Cash is a decently big middleweight who seems to carry good power and strength. He’s shown he has a good chin in the Jack Cullen fight where he took some good punches. That fight did show his defence isn’t the greatest but I thought it also showed a lot of positives to his game. It showed he can dig deep and is willing to battle it out over an extended period of time without quitting which will be important in this fight. It also showed that he doesn’t fade badly in the latter stages of fights as he started to come on stronger in the last few rounds of that fight. He also does have good technical skills and was a solid amateur.

Jason Welborn is a veteran who has been fighting the best domestically for more than a decade. He switches between middleweight and Super Welterweight and while he says he feels stronger at middleweight I think he’s more suited to Super Welter. He has a lot of miles on the clock as he started his career in 2005 and has been in a lot of wars since. He has pulled off upsets before but these were earlier in his career and also against guys that arn’t as good as Cash. He earned himself a world title shot versus Jarrett Hurd and performed well before being stopped by a body shot where I thought he could potentially have got back up and earlier in his career I think he likely would have done. In his last fight he was also stopped by a body shot off of JJ Metcalf. Before he was KO’d that fight was competitive though it did look like it was only going to end one way. Recently Welborn has admitted he could have got up but decided not too because he felt the referee wasn’t warning Metcalf for low blows and decided he wasn’t gonna take more punches just to make it entertaining. I think that nearing the end of his career he’s lost a step and can’t go through the gears anymore and isn’t as willing to tough it out as he was earlier in his career. He has said he’s motivated again but until I see him put that into action in the ring I’m not sure how truthful he is being.

I think Felix Cash will win because he’s the bigger, hungrier fresher fighter who has shown he can go into deep waters and stay swimming. Eddie Hearn keeps saying Welborn will test if Cash can tough it out 8 or 9 rounds in but he’s already shown he can and at this point I think it’s Welborn who needs to show he can still tough it out at the end of his career.


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