Quatavious Cash versus Calvin Metcalf breakdown

This should be one of the most competitive fights on the card later today as both are very evenly matched. They have both taken losses but will look to bounce back in a big way on this card and hopefully get the attention of Top Rank and get signed.

Quatavious Cash doesn’t have much footage online but from what I could find he uses good educated forward pressure to break his opponents down and is almost always the one punching first. He seems to have good power and when he catches his opponents clean they often get stunned and then finished off by a swarm of follow up punches. His defense seems average in that he isn’t too hard to hit but his chin isn’t in the air and he doesn’t get caught that much.

Calvin Metcalf throws a huge amount of punches and aims to swarm his opponents. He doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of power but that may be due to him not putting as much power on his shots as he could. I can’t say that he has one specific punch that he throws especially well but he was landing the overhand right a lot in his fight versus Raymond Handson. He never let him off the hook and actually created some nice angles but in other fights he showed he can be out-boxed. He doesn’t have the fastest hands either.

I think Quatavious Cash should be able to win a decision due to his superior power and hand speed. I think he’ll deal with Metcalf’s pressure and tag him with hard shots as he comes in. He is also the better technical boxer in this match up and unless he succumbs to Metcalf’s pressure he should be fine.

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