Shakur Stevenson + card whats next for them?

Boxing is back! In standard boxing fashion we’ve come back with a lot of mismatches which saw a variety of prospects and contenders pick up wins.

Robeisy Ramirez looked very good as he took his opponent out within the first two minutes of the opening round. Ever since his pro debut hes been looking better and better and in what was supposed to be a bit of a step up he excelled. I think Top Rank should step him up slightly again but a few more fights at this level would also help his development.

Quatavious Cash picked up what was most likely the best win of his career over 6 rounds vs Calvin Metcalf. In all honesty he didn’t look great and Metcalf certainly did better than the scorecards would suggest. I think Top Rank will try and match him versus one of their up and coming middleweights like Edgar Berlanga and that would be a solid fight for both.

Guido Vianello looked good and seems to have calmed down a bit compared to his earlier fights. They need to match him with someone that can give him rounds next and also up his competition as he isn’t learning anything from blasting guys out in the first round. I would suggest a fighter like Dominick Guinn or even Alex Leapai, these are fighters that should take Vianello rounds and they are also much more experienced than him.

Jared Anderson looked good though he did get caught with a few shots though that should be expected when stepping up in competition after only 4 fights. He got a few solid rounds of work in and I’d like to see Top Rank put him in with a similar level of opponent for his next fight as he certainly had to work to win this one. He looks like a very good prospect however and if they put him in with someone like Don Haynesworth he would finish him very quickly.

Shakur Stevenson looked impressive versus Felix Caraballo who was clearly out-matched but gave it his all. I liked how Stevenson was still determined to KO him even after hurting his hand and his work to the body was a joy to see. Obviously his next opponent will be someone harder but the real question is whether it’ll be at 130 pounds or 126. One defense at 126 would be good or otherwise he could face a contender like Miguel Roman at 130 pounds before fighting for a title once the Super Featherweight division clears itself out as all the champions are busy right now.

I enjoyed the card even though most of the fights weren’t competitive as it was nice too see lots of good prospects progress. I didn’t expect much from the first card back and so i’m not disappointed like a lot of people are online. I’ll be making a lot of content for the card on Thursday so be sure to check back for breakdowns on every fight on the card and more.

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