Jared Anderson versus Johnnie Langston Breakdown

Jared Anderson looks like he could be the next big American Heavyweight star but first he has to get past his first real test in the pro game in the form of 8-2 Johnnie Langston. You can make an argument that Langston should actually be undefeated against some decent competition which is why i’m slightly surprised Anderson is fighting him so early on in his career. He has looked very good in his first 3 fights and was one of Tyson Fury’s sparring partners for the Wilder rematch so I understand why his team have confidence in him though.

Jared Anderson has a great jab which he uses to both set up his other shots and also wear his opponents down. In his first fight he destroyed his opponent by simply hitting him with powerful jabs again and again before finishing him with hooks to the body. He has great punches to the body and has KO’d multiple opponents with them. Considering hes quite a big heavyweight hes very fast on his feet and his punches are quick as well. He’s only 20 so has a huge future in the heavyweight division whether he wins this fight or not.

Johnnie Langston has a decent jab which he throws as much as possible. This keeps his opponents busy and makes it harder for them to set up their own shots. Langston doesn’t often put another punch behind the jab though if he wanted to he could its just that he picks his spots to get aggressive. Hes fast on his feet and throws decent body shots himself though they don’t seem to have the power of the ones Anderson throws. When hes in range hes relatively accurate with his punches though his jab very rarely hits the target but that’s understandable as hes uses it to keep his opponents at range when he circles around the ring. He seems to be decent at counter-punching but whether he’ll be able to do that against an amateur standout like Anderson is another question.

This fight might be a bit competitive in the first round or two but I think Anderson’s jab will take over and Langston will eventually succumb to a barrage of body shots in the 5th or 6th round.

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