Robeisy Ramirez versus Yeuri Andujar

Robeisy Ramirez is one of the better amateurs to turn pro recently though his pro debut didn’t go to plan. He was knocked down and lost the fight on a split decision which is never a good start to anyone’s career. He’s had two wins since and while a lot of people have written him off I still think he can make it too the top.

Robeisy feints a lot which leaves his opponents constantly on edge. He varies his attack to the body and head and also varies the speed of his attack. He’ll throw a jab to the body or a singular hook to the head but then throw five or six punch combinations which means his opponents can’t predict what hes going to do. So far hes been an aggressive fighter in his pro career and breaks down his opponents rather than being a one punch KO artist. He has fast hands and seems very fluid when he fights which is what you expect from a top amateur. When he turned pro he hadn’t fought for a while and it showed in his performance. He has shown he can be dropped but I don’t see Andujar dropping or hurting him personally.

Yeuri Andujar has an amateur career but didn’t achieve anywhere near what Robeisy did in the amateurs. From the fights I’ve watched of him he stalks his opponents before unleashing wide hooks to the body and head. He often leads with hooks and doesn’t utilize his jab a huge amount which I think will lead to him being picked apart by Robeisy. While he does have a jab he uses it to find the range and pressure his opponents into corners rather than as a damaging jab. When he throws his chin is often in the air which leaves him very open to counters as shown in his fight with Joe Cortes where he was dropped in the first round. He seems to be tough though and battled his way to a majority win in that fight which shows his heart. He also dropped Cortes in the next round which showed me he clearly has some power in his punches. I don’t think there’s a huge amount to break down with his style as he’s a pretty straight forward Brawler. Being a Brawler doesn’t mean you don’t have boxing skill in my opinion though many fans will take it that way, Its just a style that some boxers have.

I think Robeisy Ramirez should be able to use his amateur background and accurate punches to drop Andujar before winning on points. He could get caught himself but I think he has the timing and variation in his punching to not get caught over 6 rounds while getting the more effective shots off.

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