5 Potential opponents for Canelo behind closed doors.

Due to the Corona Virus Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s fight with Billy Joe Saunders was never formally announced and now it looks like Canelo may be looking for another opponent. Most of Canelo’s opponents get paid upwards of 6 million Dollars to fight him but for his next bout Dazn and Golden Boy are looking to get a cheaper opponent in due to potentially fighting behind closed doors. I’ve come up with a short list of opponents that may suit this criteria however I actually found it harder than I thought as they still have to be some what credible.

The first fighter I thought of was Sergiy Derevyanchenko who was recently in a main event versus GGG on Dazn. Mike Coppinger reported that this was the preferred option of Canelo’s team and it makes sense as Sergiy made himself a good name by pushing GGG to the limit. Hes also fought his entire career in the USA so more people will tune in to see him fight Canelo. I also think hes a very good fighter and for a “tune up” this is still a very good fight. I have no doubt Sergiy would take a smaller amount of money than usual because this would really be his last chance to fight Canelo who is one of the biggest names in the sport and if Sergiy won he would make massive amounts in a rematch.

The second fighter I thought of was David Lemieux. I know a lot of people wouldn’t like this option but hes at Super middleweight, has fought in big fights versus GGG and Billy Joe Saunders and would jump at the chance to fight Canelo. Hes a big puncher and this could potentially make the fight exciting for as long as it lasts.

The third fighter that could potentially fight Canelo is Jaime Munguia. He is the least likely out of the five names to fight Canelo right now for multiple reasons though. Hes Mexican and Canelo has said he doesn’t want to fight any more Mexicans and Munguia is a biggish name himself so may ask for decent money especially compared to the others on this list. I think this fight would be very entertaining and is likely one we’ll see down the line at some point.

The fourth fighter that might get the call is Steven Nelson. This may be a bit of a random pick but I believe Nelson is a very good fighter and because hes unknown Dazn wouldn’t have to pay him massive amounts. This makes him the perfect fighter for Canelo to fight next and him being American means more people are likely to tune in as well. I’d be surprised if they picked him as name value is looked at better than how good a fight actually is.

The fifth fighter I could think of was John Ryder. People will say that if Canelo can fight Ryder who’s from the UK why can’t they ship over Saunders and the difference is how much money they would ask for. Saunders has a belt at Super Middleweight and so believes hes worthy of a big pay day while Ryder is likely to jump at the opportunity after being robbed versus Callum Smith. Ryder will know hes going to be avoided at Super middleweight and I think would jump at the opportunity to fight Canelo even if he doesn’t get paid millions and millions.

These are the five names I could think of that would be relatively realistic. I’d love to hear what fighters people think Canelo could fight next as i’m sure I’ve missed a couple of obvious ones.

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