Mikaela Mayer versus Helen Joseph Breakdown

This will be the most competitive fight on the Shakur Stevenson versus Felix Caraballo card in my opinion. Mikaela Mayer is a 2016 Olympian who holds a record of 12-0 as a pro. Shes fighting Helen Joseph who holds a record of 17-4-2 but has faced a much better level of competition than Mayer.

Mikaela Mayer is very technically sound and will stick to it no matter the situation in the ring. She has a good jab that she fights behind and will often start her combinations with her jab. She rarely throws more than 3 punches in a combination which leaves her less vulnerable to counters than other fighters but can also mean shes predictable at times.

For me the two best parts of her boxing is her jab and how many body shots she throws. She isn’t the hardest fighter to hit especially when she goes in close to throw hooks to the body. Shes normally the taller fighter but sometimes abandons her height advantage which she shouldn’t do versus Helen Joseph if she wants to win.

Helen Joseph isn’t as technically sound as Mayer but still has a good jab when she chooses to use it. Shes more unorthodox so it can hard to predict what shes going to throw next which could give serious trouble to a very technical fighter like Mayer. There isn’t a huge amount of footage of Helen on the internet but from the clips I’ve watched she likes to throw hooks both short and long but doesn’t throw 1-2’s often. She mixes the hooks to the body and head and seems to have real power as she has actually knocked her opponent out cold before.

She may not be quite as technically sound as Mayer but shes very effective at what she does. She will be moving up in weight for this fight but I still think she likely carries more power than Mayer though she is shorter so will have to get on the inside to do her best work.

I think this is a very competitive fight and either could win if its their night. Mayer will likely try and use her height and reach to keep Joseph behind her jab but will get drawn into exchanges at some point in the fight where she’ll come off worse. Joseph may get caught trying to get into range but I don’t think she’ll struggle too much as Mayer often gives up her height to throw hooks. Joseph will fare better in these exchanges and might drop Mayer at some point. I think Mayer will likely win on points in a competitive bout where she gets dropped and people feel it could have gone either way. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Joseph won but I think Mayer will get enough rounds because of her height advantage to win on the scorecards.

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