UFC 249 was a success so will boxing be back soon?

All eyes were on the UFC last night as they staged the first major sporting event since the world was put on lock down. I think many people including myself felt that it was a little early to start staging events and also wondered why the UFC would risk Tony Ferguson versus Khabib by putting Tony in a risky fight beforehand. Tony lost so I was correct about the second part but overall the event went smoothly without any major catastrophes.

A fighter on the card did test positive before his fight which is both a bad and good sign. Its a bad sign because he potentially exposed all of the other fighters and clearly some people that are scheduled to fight in the future will have the Corona Virus no matter how many measures are taken. Its a good sign because it shows that the testing in place is good and they found out he had the corona virus before he fought.

For now the event was a success though if in a few weeks fighters start to test positive it will be looked at as more of a disaster than a success as it will set back the return of sports as people get more cautious again.

I think that boxing will start to be scheduled again regularly behind closed doors now that its been shown it can be done and that at least in America certain governors will allow it to happen.

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