Expect Callum Smiths next fight to be disappointing.

Callum Smith has had a disappointing time after winning the World boxing super series. When he came out of that tournament he was regarded as the clear number one in the division and was expected to go into big fights. Instead he took time off to be with his new child which is fine but after that he faced Hassan N’Dam who isn’t really a super middleweight and wasn’t even that great at middleweight. His next fight was John Ryder who was mandatory challenger which is a good fight but the problem is that most feel he clearly lost that fight and got a gift decision.

With all that in mind you’d hope that his next fight would be versus someone good but I think its unlikely. Smith turned down the chance at a Canelo fight because he didn’t think the money was good enough and now he will probably never get the chance to fight Canelo again which is a shame. Hes not going to get a unification next as all the other champs have their own plans such as Billy Joe Saunders fighting Canelo. He also won’t fight Daniel Jacobs next as Jacobs has said he wants one more fight before he fights for a title at super middleweight. It doesn’t sound like Smith wants to give Ryder a rematch so it seems he’ll have another relatively easy fight while he waits for the “big fights” which never seem to happen for him.

Hes lost all momentum after winning the world boxing super series and needs a big fight soon otherwise he’ll end up like Khalid Yafai who while being a champion was forgotten about and then when he stepped up in class he was utterly destroyed. Perhaps Smith knows that without his title he has very few options like Yafai does right now because neither are that popular or sell tickets so promoters are less likely to back them.

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